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Chata Tollendorf is situated on the very strategic location between two gems of Czech natural heritage - National park of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains. This location offers many kinds of temptations, but for those who are seeking untouched nature, hiking trails and cycle tourism, we are the right place to be.

Lusatian Mountains

723 m.a.s.l.

Highest point - Luž


White lady


Way of the cross


The highest mountain of Lusatian Mountains is so-called “Luž” (793 m.a.s.l.) where leads very beautiful path and offers views to wide surroundings. However there is no need to walk far away to get perfect views, because just above Chata Tollendorf is a peak called Jedlová with its lookout in 774 m.a.s.l. and offers a similar experience. Under other significant sites in the area belongs ruins of castle Tolstein which is surrounded by legends of the local bandits, hidden treasure, or mysterious “white lady”. For someone could be the honey trap local crossroads. There are in total 14 of them. The well-known Cross Road on Cross Hill, which is the second oldest in the Šluknov Hook is located only a few minutes of walk from our pension. In the Lusatian Mountains are also several of educational trails such as the International educational trail of Lusatian and Zittauer mountains or even Kögler's educational trail, which is the oldest natural-scientific edu trail in whole Czechia.

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Bohemian Switzerland National Park


Probably the biggest temptation of the North Bohemia is a national park called Bohemian Switzerland or sometimes known under the popular name Czech-Saxon Switzerland. The landmark of this national park is the largest natural sandstone gate in Europe called Pravčická Brána, which is located 30minutes of a drive from Chata Tollendorf. Between other gems within driving distance of this national park belongs The Mariina Vyhlídka, shrouded in legends – Dolský Mlýn or even The Kamnitz Gorge which offers an option of a boat ride. In the German side of this national park are placed in charming rock formations called ,,Bastei” or one of the biggest mountain strongholds in Europe – Königstein which is placed on the mesa.

National park

Bohemian Switzerland

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CHKO Labské Pískovce a Panská Skála


Between other sights in the area belongs, for example, CHKO Labské Pískovce, which with its age competing with any of national parks in the USA or even very near-natural phenomena called Panská Skála which is basalt that has been formed by decompression melting of the mantle into the “pipe organs”.

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